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I have this new found obsession... with enneagrams, don't ask why because I'm not too sure and I know it may sound weird BUT let me explain because it will give you the perfect feel for my personality. I'm a type 7 wing 8 and that could not be more accurate.
If you haven't found yourself obsessed with enneagrams, let me translate. I'm 100% a people person, like can't be alone for too long without feeling down kind of people person. I thrive off of meeting new people and building connections- hence why my favorite part about this job is all of the incredible people I get to meet and the lifelong friendships created along the way.
Travel is another thing that fuels my purpose in life, and yes, my enneagram actually tells me this! I can't imagine a time in my life where I won't enjoy traveling- I simply don't think that day will ever come.
I believe every love-story is so unique in its own way and that's why I make it an effort to truly foster a friendship with my couples and get to know what makes your relationship special. I make your moments, my moments and I'm here to help every step along the wedding-planning process.

A little about me


I'm Kylie

Not just a photographer, a visual storyteller and friend

What inspires me

THe experience




I often get asked- why weddings? And to me, the answer is simple.
The emotion, the moments, the love- it's so much fun getting to capture you marrying the love of your life surrounded by those you love most.
I love having so much time leading up to the wedding to get to truly know and befriend the two of you. I love getting to meet you before your wedding and have some fun at your engagement session. And most of all, I love having the honor to be by your side for 8-10 hours during your big day.

"There are few things that I love more than truly getting to know you and capture your day"

I've always had a camera in my hand. It started with a little hello kitty camera, then a point and shoot, my parents DSLR, film, polaroids, ipods, disposables and eventually the gear I have now! 
I didn't know it at the time but little me wandering around with her camera captured so many priceless memories and moments unintentionally. Pictures of the people and places I love that may not look like much to you, but mean the absolute world to me.
Pictures are so so valuable to me. I can't explain it, but there's something about sitting down with someone you love and sharing these precious memories.
What an honor it is to be able to share my love for photography and capture the moments YOU cherish, so that you too will forever have these little frozen pieces of time to hold close to your heart.

You know that feeling you get when you look at an old picture and all of the memories and feelings from that time come flooding back to you? That's what photography is all about to me.


my fav things




At this point- I think coffee is becoming a personality trait of mine

It's your wedding day- AHHH!!! I'll show up (most likely with a large coffee in hand) ready to get you married!! After introducing myself to everyone and of course catching up with you, I'll start shooting! :)
I'm here to help keep things on track and ensure your day runs as smoothly as possible. We'll work together in the weeks leading up to your wedding to create a timeline that works for your day! 
I can promise you one thing- I will be SO excited all day and feeling all the feels. Smiling and laughing with you all while getting ready, crying during your vows, and of course breaking it down on the dance floor with you during reception.
I'm here to hold your purse, help with the train of your dress and be your biggest cheerleader.
Your day is about you marrying the love of your life. You call the shots and I'll roll with it! I've seen it all on wedding days, but I'm a very laid back and go with the flow person who can take charge when need be. 
Whether you want me to sit back and be a fly on the wall or be front and center, I'm the chameleon you'll need on your wedding day.

I'll show up camera (& coffee) in hand and a huge smile on my face ready to do the darn thing!

A few of the things I love and enjoy when I'm not shooting/editing/ doing some sort of work-
Traveling. I absolutely love to travel and you can likely catch me booking my next trip before I return from the one I'm on. I have a major travel bug, so please take me with you! :)
I'm a horse girl through and through. I grew up riding and have been for over 10 years. I absolutely love it and even had my own mare (pictured on the right) for a few years! The barn is truly my happy place and escape from reality. 
I have two puppies- Koda and Tucker. They're both mini Australian Shepherds (and not really puppies) and I love them with my whole heart! P.S. your pups are ALWAYS welcome at your shoots!!
I have a full-blown caffeine addiction. Small coffee shop or Starbucks girl all the way. If I'm drinking Dunkin' just know- desperate times call for desperate measures. 
I also feel the need to mention I went to Penn State because #WEARE.
And last but certainly NOT least, my support system. I have the absolute best friends and family who have shown nothing but support throughout this journey. I couldn't ask for anything more.❤️

"Kylie is absolutely an amazing person to work with. Her talent is out of this world and made us feel so comfortable during our shoot. The finished products came out better than we could’ve ever imagined. I would recommend Kylie to anyone. She is an amazing photographer and will make anyone feel confident and special with her pictures. "

Jess & Mitchell

Kylie made this so much fun. We listened to music, we all laughed at each other, she guided us through the awkward bits, and we gave her some ideas. I’ve had photos taken before years ago and didn’t enjoy myself at all compared to photographing with Kylie. I am so happy with all of the photos; there are so many too choose from I have no idea which is my favorite. I HIGHLY recommend having Kylie photograph whatever you wants photos of :)

Aliyah & Darren

I contacted Kylie with a plan for proposal photos and she was very responsive and easy to work with! Once the photos were taken, she was super quick to get us the final images, which were amazing!

Highly recommend - great quality, great price, and nice to work with!

Jacob & Megan

Sweet Nothings

For the little moments, the big moments and every memory in between

No story is one and the same.
Let's show the world what makes yours special.

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